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It has long been my belief that students of beginning New Testament Greek grammar seek a systematic way to study and retain the structural elements of the various grammatical components of the language. Over many years as an instructor in beginning Greek, my observation has been that many students have tried, in a sense, to "re-invent the wheel" when it comes to memory systems or paradigms for Greek verbs, nouns, participles and the like. To the credit of my beginning Greek instructor in 1981-82, the late Charles Wenzel, who taught at Columbia Bible College (now Columbia International University and Seminary) in South Carolina, that "wheel" already exists within the pages of this GREEKBOOK.

I fell in love with the original language of the New Testament very quickly. Even moreso, I was instantly enthralled with the teaching methodology employed by my beginning Greek instructor, who frequently reminded his students that, "Although I have tried, I just can't make this stuff hard!" What he spent much of his life on, I have continued to develop and expand upon over a 25-year period. Under God, my family, and my church community, Greek has indeed become my "first love," and these instructional tools my life's legacy to future generations of beginning (and ongoing) New Testament Greek students.


Rev. Chris Smith, Pastor, Resurrection Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Missouri

"Studying, understanding, and delighting in language is in Robert Wermuth's blood, and his first love among languages is New Testament Greek. Robert's passion is teaching others, and not only is his enthusiasm infectious, but his methods are effective in helping his students get a firm handle on Greek. Through years of personal study, tutoring individuals, and teaching in a classroom setting, Robert has reshaped and refined his material into the book you have before you. In a very short period of time, using the methods that Robert developed, I was able to recapture the Greek that I'd first learned in seminary. I eagerly commend to you Wermuth’s GREEKBOOK. I’m certain that it will be a great help to those who wish to read and understand the New Testament in the original language."

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